Know Before You Go - Guide for Poster Presenters

We actively update this page with instructions and FAQs. We appreciate your questions as we all venture into this virtual sphere together. After reading the information below and the FAQs, and you need additional information or have questions, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with POSTER QUESTION in the subject line.

Virtual Poster Hall

The Virtual Symposium will feature a Virtual Poster Hall, open one hour before the opening each day and throughout the Symposium. It will also remain open for 90 days following Symposium.

The virtual platform, VFairs, offers the opportunity for an interactive experience centered around your pdf poster. Chat with participants each morning before the Symposium begins and during extended breaks throughout the day. Click here for the full schedule.

New in 2021! We will be having a dedicated "Virtual Happy Hour" Poster Reception. This will be hosted on a 3D networking platform allowing people to sit at the table with you and discuss your abstract. More information about the session to come but please save the date, Thursday, November 4, 4pm-5:30pm EDT.

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Poster PDFs are DUE NO LATER THAN 11:59 pm ET, Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Absolutely no posters will be accepted for uploading into the virtual platform after this date.

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Register for Symposium 

You must be a NANETS Member and be registered for the Virtual Symposium in order to present your poster. If you are not already a member, you can join during the registration process to receive a year's worth of member benefits.

Per the Abstract Submission Requirements and Expectations: All presenters whose abstracts are accepted for either oral presentation or the poster session are required to register for Symposium.

Register here.

You must register NO LATER THAN 11:59pm ET, Monday, October 18, 2021.

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Poster Specifications 

Follow the same design and specifications you would for a printed poster SAVE IT IN PDF FORMAT.

  • Save as PDF (10MB SIZE LIMIT) with the following filename (using the presenter's last name): ABSTRACT ID_LASTNAME
  • It is expected that the First Author will present the same work described in the abstract, with the same title and content.
  • Poster titles should be identical to the title of the corresponding abstract.
  • Posters should show the names and affiliations of all contributing authors.
  • Any grants or other real or perceived financial interests should be acknowledged on your poster.
  • Design a poster that is independent, objective, scientifically rigorous, balanced and free of bias.
  • English is the language used for all poster.
  • For contrast use dark color text on a light color background, OR, light colored text on a dark background.
  • Present your Results in simple graphics. All visuals should relate to the main message and conclusion.
  • The Conclusion should be the direct answer to the Aim of the study.
  • The use of generic drug names is encouraged (trade-marks may be added between brackets the first time a drug is mentioned). The identity of experimental agents should be disclosed by means of brief descriptions, structural formulas and/or full chemical names.
  • If specific products or services are mentioned, there should be a balanced presentation of the prevailing body of scientific information on that product or service and of reasonable alternative options. If unapproved or off-label uses of a product are discussed, presenters must inform the audience of this fact.
  • Presenters should not engage in peer selling. Peer selling occurs when a manufacturer or service provider engages an attendee to conduct an activity that focuses on or is designed to enhance the sale of its own products. Avoid using product endorsements and/or product logos or branding.

Visit for free downloadable poster templates.

You will need to provide a thumbnail image of your presentation. Sizing specifications are below:


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Option to Record a 3-Minute Presentation

We are offering the option to record up to a 3-minute presentation of your poster. You can record yourself using any program such as Vimeo, YouTube, Zoom, iPhone, etc. Save your video as MOV or WMV with the following filename: ABSTRACT ID_LASTNAME

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 What to Submit

  1. Poster saved as PDF with filename: ABSTRACT ID_LASTNAME
  2. Thumbnail image (Take a screenshot or use snipping tool) of poster saved as JPG or PNG with filename: ABSTRACT ID_LASTNAME
  3. (Optional): Video recording saved as MOV or WMV with filename: ABSTRACT ID_LASTNAME

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How to Upload 

You will be provided a URL for the upload page for the NANETS virtual environment in the by Friday 10/15. Please upload your PDF, thumbnail image and optional video by Wednesday 10/20. A video with instructions on how to use the upload page will be provided as well.

Remember to name your files ABSTRACT ID_LASTNAME. For example, 123_Smith.pdf

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Example of Virtual Poster with Optional Video

poster example 1 

"Watch Presentation" will not appear for posters without an accompanying video.

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General FAQs 

  1.  Do I have to be present at certain times?
    • Yes, we ask you to be present during the Virtual Poster Reception on Thursday, November 4 at 4pm-5:30pm EDT. If you cannot be present your poster will not be featured during the session. You are not required to present outside of this time however we encourage you to be available each morning with the Virtual Poster Hall opens and during breaks. Please see the full schedule here.
  2. How do I interact with visitors?
    • Use the Q&A chat feature any time to interact with visitors.
    • You will receive additional information after the submission deadline of October 20.
  3. Is there a poster reception?
    • YES! We will be having a dedicated "Virtual Happy Hour" Poster Reception which will allow for greater interaction between presenters and attendees and enable greater visibility of your research findings. This session will be hosted on, a 3D platform which will allow you to present your abstract via shared screen at your table and attendees will be able to move freely from table to table. More information about this session will be provided closer to the event. Save the date, Thursday, November 4 from 4pm-5:30pm EDT.
  4. When will my full abstract and poster be available for viewing?
    • Complete abstracts and poster PDFs will be made available when the Virtual Poster Hall opens on November 3, at 9am ET. If this changes, an update will be posted here.
  5. Do we have to upload a recording at the same time as the poster, or can it be uploaded at a later date?
    • Yes, you will be provided a url to the upload form, you will need to submit the PDF, image thumbnail and optional video presentation at the same time. 
  6. Does my recording have to have video or can it just be audio?
    • If you only want audio, you can simply turn off the video while recording. Just save as an mp4, mov or wmv file. 
  7. Will it be ok to record the video with the presentation itself as background with myself presenting without a camera? Essentially just voice-over of the presentation?
    • Absolutely, Yes! 
  8. Will the posters be downloadable during the symposium?
    • Yes and for the 90 days following. They will also be downloadable from our abstracts searchable library.

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More Questions?

Send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with POSTER QUESTION in the subject line.

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Search our Abstracts Archive

Visit the Abstracts Page to view previous years' abstracts or for more information about the abstract process.

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