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NANETS officially launched its pilot podcast series, NETCast, during the 2022 NET Medical Symposium in Washington, DC, which also marked our return to an in-person symposium following the COVID pandemic. NETCast is a new educational resource available to everyone wherever you access your podcasts. The series is guest-moderated by members of NANETS' Communication Committee and focuses on key topics in NET research, diagnostics, and management of NET disease. Following is a list of podcasts to date. Please click on the links to access them, or find them on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you access your podcasts.

Episode 1: Introducing NETCast Podcast

Episode 2: NET Tumors 101 - High Grade NETs: Overview of diagnosis, work up & treatment 

Episode 3: Surgical Debulking - Asymptomatic vs symptomatic

Episode 4: High Grade NENs - Same disease, different stripes 

Episode 5: How to Boost Your NET Practrice in a Non-Academic Setting

Episode 6: NET Year in Review

Episode 7: Beyond Somatostatin Analogs



Guest Panelists in Washington, DC Included:


Moderators for NET Symposium Episodes in Washington, DC

 Moderators Symposium EPisodes 10.2022

 We want to thank all the members of NANETS' Communications Committee, including (below, l to r): Chair, Nikolaos Trikalinos, MD, Co-chair, Alexandra Gangi, MD, and Immediate Past chair, Heloisa Soares, MD, PhD, for their work on getting this project launched.

 Communications Chairs 10.2022

Have a Topic You'd LIke NETCast to Explore?


Send suggestions for proposed topics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with "NETCast" in the subject line, and the Communications Committee will review your request. Interested in being a guest speaker or panelist? We want to hear from you too!